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Sea Blind is having an Impact!

While the film informs about little known practices and the weaknesses of the shipping industry it does not point fingers of blame. We are all implicated!  Consumers, supply chain operators, energy producers, bunkering facilitators, ship owners are all part of the problem.  

The issues raised in the film are relevant to policy feilds not only in shipping but also environmental sustainability, endangered heritage and the future of energy.

 What's important is to work collectively to put into play solutions of action to improve global shipping emmissions. 

Sea Blind movie has proven to be helpful in aiding a cross sector conversation initiated by international policymakers, NGO's and industry management.

The conversation is happening NOW! 

Seablind has been screened in the Dutch House of Representatives and the Dutch Ministry of infrastructure and Environment in efforts to bring questions to the Hague about why the shipping industry is allowed to pollute, was not included in the Paris climate protocol and what the Dutch government is doing about its ports emissions plans.


Seablind has also screened in an assortment of European Ports. Notably the Port of Rotterdam, the largest in Europe, in a partnership of communication on inititives to transition the port to cleaner shipping and use of LNG.

Partnering with the European Climate Foundation  Sea Blind is schedualed to screen at the following venues:

The International Maritime Organization as part of the sucessful and landmark effort to encourage the IMO to cap the use of HFO on the high Seas by 2020.  

The European Parliment to aid in the debate to implement a European plan to decarbonize the transportation sector entering European waters.

UNESCO general meeting in Paris with the interest to ban HFO in the Arctic.

The Explorers Club in New York City in association with the The Clean Air Task Force to discuss ongoing solutions to reducing emissions in the global transportation sector.

 To inquire about a screening please email